Jonas H. Roe
July 12, 1862
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Dear Celina Helena Ark July 12
       This is a rich and beautiful Country Beach and white wood or popular grow here very large Many of the Planters are very rich one living near here has 150 negros. Their farming is thoroughly done corn is very good and much of it is in roasting corn there are thousands of acres of corn and cotton growing here 3 Slaves whose master was shot in the Battle of the 9th is now with us when we was marching by the plantation they each took a good mule and came with us they stated that their master said when he left home that he would kill before he returned home 100 of the black abolitionists He fell a victim to his folly he died the death of a traitor and his body now lies in a trench by the side of his low and vile associates in crime where they were deposited by their enemy. Gen Curtis denyed them the privilage of Burying their dead They were dressed in citizens clothing as they were not dressed in Uniforms they are considered and treated as Hywayman not as soldiers Celina you have but a poor idea of the devastation and horrors of war. The Rebels burn their cotton and our men generally burn their cotton presses + gins and sometimes their dwellings houses are deserted and pilliaged every thing distroyed of value horses and mules of value are generally taken and thousands of bushels of corn are burnt up. I am well + my horse dose well John Allen + Entirkine are also well I do not know whare we will go to from here or when we will leave here I would like to see you all. kiss my dear children for me I will come home as soon as I can I have not received any letters from you for I can not tell how long please write every week the last letter you sent that I got was dated the 2nd of June direct your letters to St Louis as follows
Dr J.H. Roe   St. Louis Mo.
To be forwarded to 5th Rig- of Ill cav in care of Capt R. Schill of Company M

I expect to draw pay soon again and when I draw it I will send you $25. dollars and will pay 25 or 30 on my horse I owe 45 dollars yet on my horse + I thought that I would pay off + take up the Note the next payment but I have changed my mind I know you need money + you must have it. Do not become dishartened or discouraged all I believe will come out for the best May God Bless you + the children
     Your true + loving husband
        C. Roe     J H Roe

©elf junction, ink.

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