Jonas H. Roe
September 22, 1862

    Sept 22 1862
Dear + beloved Wife   Helena
                            Through the goodness of our heavenly father I am again permitted in mortallity to address you for said privillage I am truly thankful to the great I am who creates protects and sustains all things He has seen fit to chastise me for my sins. I have been suffering very much with the Hemorhoids + strangulated biles but they are now better + I think that I will soon be around again. I will strive to bear all of God's chastisements patiently realizing that they are all for my good. Some person informed you that I was obliged to trade off my black horse He was moss eyed and could not see worth speaking off for two or three days every month + I did not know when we would get into a battle in fact we were expecting one then all the time + a blind horse is worse than none whare we have to jump fences ravines and bogs. I made a very good trade + I have a very good mate for old John he is six or seven years old handsome fat and perfectly sound in every respect he is gentle and as pleasant a horse to handle as old John + still he is not a particle lazy he is not quite as large as old John his color and his white marks are nearly if not intirely alike. I think more of this horse than I ever did of the black. The black had a vicious disposition + he could not be trusted. Our payment has been due since the first of this month I expect it certainly within this month When I do get it I will take up Wm Greaves note and Express you the Note and 20 dollars I will send it to Clay City in care of Justice Beach Esq. you might tell him about it and he can get the mail carrier to bring it down -
Celina I want you to hire some one to chop + draw you ten cords of good wood Hickory is the best if you can get it - attend to getting the wood immediately If your stear is fated + healthy perhaps you had better kill him If you do not kill him you had better trade him towards the wood you have ought to get your wood for one dollar per cord - Speak to Allison or price to fat you well a young thrifty hog boned that will weigh when dressed from 2 to 3 hundred pounds as it regards the saddle you must exercise your own judgment after this payment I can not send you any more money before the first of Dec - when I get my next pay - You know what money you have + what you can spare The war newz are about the same some getting killed by the Enemy and some dying daily as need be looked for in such a large encampment Some of us are scouting all the time John Bowman died at Mound City Ill. the 4th of Sept. John Allen + Joseph Enterkin are well Give my love + best respects to Mr Spitter's family + also Mrs. Enterkin + Mrs Allen My pain is very poor
C. Roe                     I am your Loving husband                     J. H. Roe

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