Jonas H. Roe
November 26, 1862
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N.B. please write directly & let me know about that Express or any If Beach charged you 50 cts wrongfully I want to know it  Celina Roe    J.H. Roe

My Dear Wife Helena  Phillips Co. Arkansas Nov 26 A.D. 1862
               I received your letter dated the 4th just and also one from friend Jos. Enterkine. And I will assure you that they were thankfully received you may be sure that I am constantly uneasy about you and my dear children and whenever I receive intelligence that you are all well is truly happyfying a true Husband and Father's whole mind is taken up in divising plans and means to conduce to the happiness of his family We are yet remaining here and perhaps we will continue to remain here I hope that we shall be stationed here until next spring as we have built comfortable quarters for ourselves and also for our horses. I still like my horse very much I refused fifty dollars for him a few days ago Baker our Orderly returned to camp yesterday with only three recruits after being gone about two months We burried another man out of our Company last week by the name of Edward Garriet about 26 years old a single man it seems that more young men die in proportion than married men perhaps the reason is they do not take as good care of themselves - A large scout of some 15 thousand are going down the River by the Boats accompanied by the Gun boats I do not know whare they are going or how long they will be gone
Our Reg. has not been ordered to go yet and I do not know that it will we are however looking for orders We have just received new Corbins of the best quality. A Corbin is a breach loding gun very light made on purpose for horsemen it is nothing to load them This Reg. is now well armed Cicero Hart Dr Hart's son of Mount Erie is now lying very low in the Hospittal and perhaps will never recover is not more than 18 or 19 years old I wrote a Letter for him to his brother at Memphis a few days ago requesting his brother to come and see him his brother is in the 40th Reg I heard that the 40 Reg was under marching orders and perhaps he will not be able to come. Our Army is very large here now numbering 50 or 60 thousand and is increasing daily waiting to go down to Vicksburg as soon as the River gets high enough to moove John Allen is not very will my health is very good I have perfectly recovered my health again If you have not got your fire wood you had better get it as soon as you can it will be very muddy soon and also get your Milling done soon if you have not got it done You stated that you paid Mr Beach 75 cents Express on only on the 20 dollars that I sent you and McCormic 25 cts to bring it down to Erie I saw John Allens Letter that his wife sent to him she said that she paid Beach 25 cts for Expressing and McCormic 25 cts to bring it down to Erie his was 30 dollars and mine 20- + Mrs Allen paid 50 cts and you one dollar I am positive that you should not have paid but 25 cts Express money
I am your loving husband     J. H. Roe

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