Jonas H. Roe
December 8, 1862

My Dear Wife. Helena  Phillips Co. Ark. Dec 8th
                    Through the goodness of God I am blessed with another opportunity of writing you a few lines this morning + I feel truly thankful to the giver of all good that I can inform you that my health is very good perhaps my health was never better than it is now. I received a Letter from you + also one from Drusilla last night yours was dated Dec 1st and hers Nov 22 I was very glad to her from you and to learn that you were well Drusilla said that our Indiana friends were generally well. I wrote you a Letter dated Nov 26th in it I spoke of a scout. The next morning Nov 27th we started about twenty thousand all together including Artillery Infantry + Cavalry we took steamboats + went down the Mississippi River 12 to 15 miles to Fuirs Point in the State of Mississippi we travelled nearly East about 30 miles east we struck the Cold water River we travelled south East on said River to the mouth of said River whare it empties into the Tallahatchie River at the Ferry just below the junction of said Rivers we fought a Rebel guard our advance fired upon them they broke and ran we killed a few I do not know how many + we took several prisoners + some forty horses + many pistols + guns We crossed the Tallahatchie River and went about 40 miles East to the Memphis + Vicksburg Rail Road and Burnt up two trains of carrs and a Rail Road bridge and destroyed a telegraph line we were within seven miles of Grenada Price's head quarters + we started back on the same Road when we had travelled 20 miles we were told that a large Secession Army had cut off our retreat 3 miles a head we were feeding our horses + eating our dinners when we got the intelligence we were ordered to mount our horses immediately + prepare for action. immagine the mooving of ten thousand Cavalry. we had not less than ten thousand the sight was truly magnificent The sharp cracks of the Rifle + the booming of Cannon in our advance admonished us that the crash of arms the battle had commenced but as we passed a few rods the shooting began to cease + soon died away altogether When we got to the point the few enemy that had made their appearance skidaddled. We remained on the ground all night The next day about 4 oclock P.M. our army at least about 5 thousand of the Cavalry started north 12 miles to Palda whare it was stated there was at least 2 thousand Rebels our Reg. was with the number we intended to surprised them but when we got there they had left their fortification + skidaddled as usual we travelled back to our encampment the same night We heard that a large body of secess was consentrated at Oakland on the Rail Road 17 miles North East of us we marched there about 1 miles before we got to the place our advance was attacked by a Texas Reg. No 12. who had formed in time of battle the Charge was a desperate one they shot 7 of our Horses took one prisoner + one cannon and 2 horses attached to it. The Cannon belonged to the first Indiana Reg. Enterkine knows the Cannon Gens Harvey of Indiana and Gen Washburn of Wisconsin were our generals We took the Col. Major + Captain and some privates prisoners of the 12th Texas Regiment It was reposted by the Negros that the Rebels were formed in line of Battle five thousand strong just over the hill out of sight + we were formed in line of Battle + mooved through the thick woods and fields on the supposed enemies but they skidaddled + reported that they would fight us at Coffeeville 17 miles north East from Oakland we staid all night at Oakland + being nearly out of Lard bread + buttering no confidence in the Rebels standing their ground at Coffeeville we returned arrived here last night my horse stood the trip first rate while many of the horses gave out We brought in about 150 horses + mules + about 200 negros. Tell Enterkine that we found a hundred thousand dollars worth of cotton at least not burnt John Allen was with me on the scout and is well. Fresh Beef + Pork and crackers + coffee constituted our living we had plenty of meat we roasted all of our meat and the rest of our beef + pork on the end of sticks over the fire we had plenty of beef it was very good I think I eat at least 1 pound of it per day
write every week
Give all of our friends of Wayne my best respects + wishes
I remain as ever your true + faithful
Celina Roe                     husband                J.H. Roe

     my pen is the poorest of pens  I have not Recd my payment yet but I am expecting it

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