Jonas H. Roe
November 17, 1862

If John has the ague yet give him a large spoonful of Castor oil and then give him four drops(?) of quinine(?) and keep him warm and dry and especially his feet.

  Helena Phillips Co Ark Nov. 17 1862

My dear wife,
          I rec'd a letter from you today dated Nov 1lth informing me that you were all well and doing well. I assure you that I am truly thankful to God for it. You stated that Jos. Enterkin had finally arrived home. He was a long time in going home. He left here I think on the 25th of October Since he has left here nothing has transpired scarcely worth mentioning. James Martin and Arthur Kinkade died the next day. I mentioned their deaths in the last letter that I wrote to you. Since that date another of the wounded men died - the one that was wounded on the breast. Daniel Greathouse is also dead. He died at Mound City, Ill. where he had been sent to hospital-on the 15th a large force was seen down the river amounting to fifteen or twenty thousand I think. They started to Vicksburgh Mississipppi. Our Reg. among the lst(?) was ordered down in town with 5 days rashins at 3 o'clock P.M. We were there by the time and remained there until 12 o'clock at night waiting for an opportunity of shipping, but there was not boats enough to take us. So, we returned back to our camp again much disappointed and dissatisfied.
N.B. Do not neglect to send me a letter every week.
          About 2 o'clock yesterday morning our Reg. was called to arms that our picket had been attacked. We were soon mounted and off to where it was reported that the attack had been made - about three miles. When we arrived on the ground we learned that the report was false + so we returned to camp again. My health is good. We have a good comfortable home to live in and a good stable for my horse. I bought a good four year old colt small but well made. I like him very much. He is a first best riding horse for forty dollars. I also bought the saddle + other horse equipments for ten dollars. I promised to pay the forty dollars for he horse when I receive my next payments + if I should not now get pay for my horse + equipments that I lost I will not have much to send to you. I will however try to send you some. I wish you to tell Mr.Spitter that I am thankful to him for the paper he sent me + that I fully concur with all Union and Republican friends in sustaining the President + the administration in suppressing this traitorous Rebellion. That the President's Proclamation of confiscating the Rebel property after the first of January next is just and right + calculated to do much good. Whenever an opportunity offers I will come home + pay you a visit if it is only a temporary one. I would like to see you so much. If the cattle is dying off with milk sickness I do not want you to eat any Beef or butter or milk + do not kill the stear. Write often.
                    I am your loving husband

N.B. John Allen is well. Samuel Burrel has returned to camp again.

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