Jonas H. Roe
May 4, 1862
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[in pencil] Direct yours to Pilot Knob

Dear Wife Pocahontas Ark. May 4/62
      Through the goodness of God I am permitted to write to you again. We are (as you may judge by the header) still at Pocahontas. nothing of importance has transpired since I last wrote to you Gen Steel and his Army has gone south to Jacksonport and the fifth Reg. is to be divided and kept as guards to guard different points it is rumered now that two companies will return back to Pilot Knob and L and M will be the companies if so we will start back next wednesday it is very sickly here now Wm Owens and Straight are very sick Joseph Enterkine has been pretty sick also but is now better my health is good I think we will be discharged within two months if you get this in time to get all the ground planted by the tenth of June with corn plant it I think I will be there in time to attend it do not sow any hungarian grass I do not like it. We have not received our third payment yet + we do not know when we will get it When I do get it however I will send it to you unless I am discharged and then I will bring it myself If I get discharged and get my bounty money I thought that I would Buy some medicines St Louis + a cooking Stove + other necessaries I can buy them cheaper there than I can home I still think of Locating at Mount Erie I do not like Ark. at all if I do not locate at Erie I will moove N. West somewhare if I moove off I do not need the stove please write your views in full about going off and about the Stove and other articles
If you wish me to get a stove state what pattern if you have any favorite pattern +c. I have Learned that John Spitter + H. Beard were killed at Pitsburgh Landing and that Wm [remainder in pencil] Spitter was wounded but I did not learn whare I rec'd a letter a few days ago stating that my Dear Mother was dead she died last February it was written by Thos
Write me a full letter give all the particulars about your Farming how the wheat looks how old John cow + other stock looks how you get along for corn + wheat and Pork +c wheather it is a dry or wheat wet Spring and what the prospect is for fruit how Mrs. Mack and family are doing +c My horse is doing well
Write as soon as you get this Tell Emily Alice John and little Harriet that if God is willing I will be home soon + I will bring them a present if they are good Children
I remain as ever your affectionate husband
Celina Roe          J. H. Roe

[envelope, opened from top]

... 7, 1862

United State 3 Three Cents

Mrs Celina Roe
Wayne Co

[envelope, reverse]

Celina Roe
Fare Field

... Wayne
Dr J H Roe

Wayne Co

©elf junction, ink.

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