Jonas H. Roe
June 18, 1862
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    June 18th 1862
    Pocahontas Ark.     
Dear Wife. This may inform you that I am enjoying good health and that my horse is doing well. The last letter that I have sent to you I sent by John Oram Mr. Willis Knap was to carry it to you John Oram got his discharge his health was so poor that he could not stand the hardships of a soldiers life I sent in the letter that I sent to you by him ten dollars and I paid Twenty dollars on the note that I gave Wm Greaves for my horse and I have five dollars and seventy five cts left from my last payment I only Recd $36.05 after paying for my clothing I paid on my horse the second payment forty five dollars and the last payment I paid twenty dollars amounting altogether to sixty five dollars leaving forty five still unpaid if nothing happins I intend to pay off the Note the next payment and send it home. If I should happin to get killed or die before it was paid off you might be obliged to pay it again. At all events it would put my business in the hands of Schell as power of Attorney to settle up unless it's taken up before my death and he is not capiable to transact any business I do not consider him at all honest and I know that he is incompetent to do business legally
I have never heard whether you have ever got my clothing from Edward Bonhams Store in Fairfield My overcoat was in one Box my name is in the upper part of the sleeves My Pants Bk. Blouse & cap was in an other Box also had my name on them J.H.Roe marked on the leather strap above the front leather piece of my cap As soon as you receive this inform me whether you have got the clothing or not and what kind of order they were in +c And also whether you have Recd the letter and money that I sent you by John Oram and also if you have heard from Isaac he never has written to me I think perhaps that he did not receive the Letter that I sent him I have not Received any letter from you since the one you sent when you sent Splittlers I have made some calculation of coming home in July but I do not know as I shall I think that if we are not discharged I can get a Forlough for 20 days But I do not know whether it would be best to come on a Forlough or not I am a fraid that my horse would be neglected - Write often at least once a week It is reported that the secessionists are within 30 or 40 miles from here we were aroused by a false alrm one day last week by a report that some 5 thousand were Coming on us at night We took down our tents and loaded up our waggons and prepaired for mooving in case we were defeated We laid on our arms or staid up all night prepared for a desperate fight but they did not come
C. Roe                               J.H. Roe

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