Jonas H. Roe
March 21, 1862

Dear Celina.  Greenvillw Mo.  March 21st 1862
          Through the blessings of providence I am again permitted to write to you a privilege which I very much appreciate. It has been a long time since I have had the satisfaction of receiving a Letter from you - The reason why you have not written before I cannot divine I am anxious to know if you have received the 40 dollars that I Expressed to Clay City by the American Express Co. And also if you had Received my likeness + a 1 dollar bill and the locket I want to know if you got the Express money and when and how you went after it +c Mr Enterkine received a letter from home last night and as I had been so long looking for a letter and then not getting any you may form some conceptions of my disappointment. My health has been poor ever since I last saw you some part of the time I have been very sick I took a large dose of Calomel and Rhubarb yesterday and I feel some better to day I guess I will recover. Greenville is 50 miles directly west of Cairo Fredericktown whare the Battle was faught last fall is 20 miles North East from here New Madrid 50 miles south East
We have taken New Madrid + thoroughly Subdued Rebellion all through here we press our Horse feed and our Flour The people here are all quiet and I do not believe we will have a chance to fight the rebels at all I want you to write as soon as you get this and be very particular about directing them I am fearful that you have made some mistake in directing my letters
                Direct to          Dr J. H. Roe
                                       Pilot Knob Mo
                                       5th Cav Regiment
Celina Roe                      Co M in care of Capt R Schell
               Yours truly and affectionately
                                                      J. H. Roe

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