Jonas H. Roe
November 23, 1863
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Dear Wife, Camp on Clear Creek  
  east of Vicksburg Nov 23/63

Celina just two months ago to day I left home + I have not received but two Letters from you since. Since I returned to Camp one of my Old Mess mates Charles Shilg has paid his last debt of nature - he was sick when I went home + the Capt offered him a Furlough but he would not take one he was afraid of the Cost. He left a wife + one child to mourn his loss. He had Dropsey among other things he was taped once for Hydrocele or Dropsey of the Bag. We are Camped here in comfortable quarters and the Rebels do not molest us or we them I am reluctently compelled to inform you that my health is poor my cough troubles me very much I am now Doctoring I hope I get well again
For fear that Death might suddenly supervine I will give you such advice as I think best for you to do in case of such a Result. By getting a Certificate of the loss of those 3 horses + one Saddle + horse equipments you will be able to get pay for all of them from U.S. The 1 horse + Equipment was taken in a Skirmish Oct 22nd 1862 - the second One died by hard usage Jan 15th 1863 The third one by being shot in a Skirmish June 5th 1863 The first horse appraised at $120.00 and Secd was not appraised the Capt can appraise him
3rd was appraised $120.00 + you will draw the Bounty $100 + ninety six dollars per year until Hatty becomes fourteen years old Do the best that you can for your self + children wether I am ever privillaged to see you again or not
          I hope to be better soon please write soon
                    Yours Lovingly           J.H. Roe
                                     C. Roe

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