Jonas H. Roe
November 7, 1863
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No 5   Nov 7th 1863
    Vicksburg Miss -
Dear Wife.   Clear Creek near
                I feel very greatful to providence for another privilage or opportunity to inform you that I am in the enjoyment of middling good health at present I Recevied last evening a Letter from you dated Oct 23rd I do assure you that it was very thankfully received I was anxious to hear from you and the Letter that brought the desired intelligence that you and my dear Children were in the enjoyment of good health at the time the Letter was written was truly a desireable present. The health and happiness of my family is what engrosses my whole attention I am sorry that you have lost Nero as he was a good little Dog and John and Harriet thought so much of him I hope you will be fortunate enough to get him again By inquiring perhaps you will find out whare he is then you Can go after him. I am sorry that you had not got your winter Milling done. I hope you will have got your Milling done by this time If not you had better attend to it. probably the Roads will get worse instead of better - I sent you by John Allen Thirty five Dollars in a Letter - as soon as you get it I want you to pay for the Hay and then buy such necessaries as you need - perhaps you had better buy ten or 20 bushels of Corn + fat + kill the large hogs + salt the Pork well so as not to loose it buy the Children + yourself shoes when you need them - Celina you expressed yourself in your Letter as if you thought that I could have done better than to have bought my horse. You at home know nothing about our business here. You think that it is an easy matter to pick up a horse here. The truth is that there are no horses to pick up here that are worth having. They are such as have given out + been turned loose + will not stand one scout. We need the best of horses here. We sometimes are obliged to Ride very fast + if our horses give out we will be left behind to be taken as prisioners if we can by running keep up we will loose of our horse equipments + Blankets +c that we have along Good horses - or in other words horses suitable for the service are very scarse + very high a good Riding horse will bring from one hundred to one hundred dollars and fifty Dollars a good many of the horses that the boys ride give out on every scout which is unpleasant besides unsafe - I Bought my horse of Capt A.S. Jessup he formly belonged to Doct. Falley - I still owe twenty Dollars on him to be paid the next payment I have paid on him Fifty Dollars he is improving + I think he is a good horse. the Appraisers appraised him at One hundred + ten Dollars. I will without Doubt get pay for the horses that I have lost sometime. We have built good winter quarters here + hope to remain here until Spring - I want you to write every week + I will do the same Give my love + best wishes to Emily Alice John + hatty + Mr Entirkine + family +c
                    Yours Affectionately           J H Roe

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