Jonas H. Roe
October 4, 1863
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[inverted] I sent a Letter to Drusilla + Tho to day
    Oct 4th 1863
Dear Celina.   Vicksburg Miss.
               Through the goodness of God I am again permitted to address you. I am thankful to be able to inform you that my health is improving I found my Regt encamped on the same ground it was on when I left on the 8th of last Aug. I think that the health of the Regt is much better than it was when I left it John Allen's health is good. Most all of Gen Grants large Army that I left in this vicinity has left for other places many of them whent to reinforce Gen Rosencrans at Chattanooga a large proportion of the 16th Army corps under Gen Shirman has gone to Chattanooga. The Rebel force about 8 or 10 thousand strong now confront us but so far have refused to fight us when we have offered Battle. I think they will give us Battle soon but we will whip them as we did at Helena we are on strict guard + they will not take us by surprise as they are doubtless trying to do. Celina when I returned to Camp I found 6 Letters 3 from you 2 from Drusilla + one from brother Thomas The one from Drusilla and the one from Cyrus Mosier her husband + herself + also the Letter from Thos I will in close in this + send to you. You will learn by reading the Letters from Drusilla that she is married I am afraid that she has to young but I hope that she has made a good selection If I had had an opportunity to have advised her I would have advised her to have differed marring as she was to young But as they were married prudence dictated that I should acquiesce + be perfectly satisfied with the arrangement Parents who love + desire the happiness + willfare of their children will if they have an opportunity advise them for the best course But after they are married a Judicious parent will treat with respect + courtasy the companions of their dearest children whether they realy like them or not it is I think their duty to faign to like them + to treat them well for frequently the future happiness of their children depend upon the treatment that their sons + daughters in Law receive from them I mailed a Letter to you from Cairo Ill also one from Memphis Tennessee
N.B. The Letter from Brother Thomas + also the Letters from Drusilla I desire you to take good care off + lay them by safely I may want to see them again. We are building winter quarters here + expect to winter here if the Rebels dont drive us out + I do not think that they will be able to do that
               Please write every week at least + I will do the same I want to know how Nathan Crews succeeds in raising a Regt + what Jos. Entirkine is duing +c how your Tobacco done +c If you have got your wheat + been to mill +c, +c +c. My mule was gone when I returned + I was obliged to purchase a horse I will draw pay for a horse so far I bought a horse from Capt Jessup for 70 Dollars I paid down 27 dollars + owe him $43 yet to be paid in two equal payments when I draw my money he is a good young horse large 6 years old + sound + title good. When I draw my next pay I will send you 30 dollars           J.H. Roe

[envelope - opened from end]

Mrs. Celina Roe
New Massillon
Wayne Co.

United State 3 Three Cents

Oct 4th 1863

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