Jonas H. Roe
January 8, 1863

  Helena, Ark Jan. 8th 1863
Dear + much beloved wife,
          I received today 2 letters from you. One dated Dec. 25th the other Jan 2nd + I was truly thankful to the author of them. They (conduced?) vey much to my happiness. Some three weeks had transpired sonce the reception of your last letter and I had in consequence become very anxious to hear from the dearest object that can engorss the attention and occupy the thoughts of an affectionate Husband + Father. It cheers me up to hear that you are well. I know that while your health is good you will take good care of the children. I want you to (illegible) for their (illegible) as much as you can. Try and content yourself as well as you can. I am trying to do as well as I can. Tell Jos. Enterkin that I have been promoted to the Office of Comissary Sargent. My pay hereafter will be three dollars per month more than it has been. Tell Enterkin also that Sargent L. Baker is under arrest for sleeping on Picket guard. He will probably reduced to the Ranks -- the punishment for sleeping on Picket guard. I sent you a letter a [few] days ago but as my other letters whent (illegible) by Albion I thought that the others that I have sent [will] go that way also, so I thought I would send you (page illegible) your letters Mount Erie. I will write often. (illegible) your letter in the Mount Erie (illegible) office. Write every week.
J.H. Roe

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