Jonas H. Roe
July 2, 1862

[picture of Geo. Washington, the Constitution and Laws]    
 Ark.   UNION 1862
    July 2
children -
beloved wife and
My Dear + much
When I last wrote to you I expected to be at home by the 4th of July but since then matters in this section of the west has changed. The con army have blocked up the White River 70th mile by land south of Jacksonport which is located at the mouth of the Black and white Rivers and we are now mooving on their Blockade with a very large Army probably eighty to one hundred thousand we are now forty miles North of the blockade whare we expect to meet a large army of Rebels since the army left Jacksonport last Friday morning we have had several skirmishes and several on both sides have been killed and wounded but none of our Regiment has been killed on the march so far. The rebels have generally fired their cotton and them or our men have burned down most of the dwellings, + out Buildings on the route this is a very rich farming community we have seen many hundred acres of corn in tassel + much of it in silk from 10 to 12 feet high + hundreds of acres of Cotton from 1 to 2 feet high. The day that I wrote you the last letter that I sent you two of our companies had a fight about 25 miles North west from Pocahontas the Enemy were fortified in a large log house Cos D + F were the 2 companies Capt Organ is Capt of Co. D. 3 or 4 of his men were wounded they killed several and took 12 prisoners about the time the battle Commenced they sent after more troops the express cam about 10 oclock PM + companies L + M were orderd of within 30 minutes we were off + we got there just at daylight the next morning but two late to participate in the action. The Negros are coming in to our lines by scores The Rebels got them cutting trees over the Road they have fell the trees for miles. My health is good thank God
C. Roe                     forever                   J.H. Roe

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