Jonas H. Roe
October 13, 1861

    Oct 13th 1861
My Dear Celina,   Camp Butler Ill
          We are in camp with 15 men + horses my cold is getting some better we have good quarters plenty of food for man and beast good bacon Beef sugar coffee beans rice potatoes molasses salt pepper +c for the men good hay oates corn + salt for the horses - There are about 5 or 6 thousand men in camp I have been sworn into the U.S. service have drawn undershirts + pants I have been Elected to an office Company Quarter Master Sargent My principle duties are to see to is drawing provisions for our horses Enterkin + myself are better satisfied than we expected he is well. Our horses are well + doing well they have not yet been appraised they prove so far to be good - and we have not been examined but there is no danger of what we will be received Mr Enterkin or myself will probably be back within 3 or 4 weeks but make no great calculation for fear we will be disappointed My wages will be 21 dollars per month + 12 dollars for my horse whole amount 33 thirty three dollars Do not tell any body the number of men that we have we want to raise more we have a good experienced orderly Sargent Our pay is shure we are payed every two months Kiss my dear children for me God knows that that I love them and you [there is not] a Father or a Husband on this Camp [that loves] his family better than I My country calls for me and I leave all that I hold dear upon Earth and fully go to her assistance conscious that I embark on a holy and righteous cause I hope [positive] ???? to my family but if you ???? or am otherwise strive to meet your husband in heaven - The ???? here is truly magnificent
Write often direct my letters to Camp Butler as follows

Dr J. H. Roe    R. Schell
in care of Capt Schell
5th Regiment Ill
Camp Butler Ill
     Mr Enterkin will write the next time we will write a letter every 2 weeks alternately
                      I am ever yours affectionately
Celina Roe                                               J. H. Roe

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